We Take the Stress Out of Downsizing




SST Are Who You Need

Serene Senior Transitions assisted my mother (and my family) in the tremendous task of downsizing someone from their family home of nearly thirty years. They were not only professional, but also patient and caring towards our mother. They realize the enormity of the task and the anxiety such a move creates for people, especially seniors. Our family struggled for months before bringing SST on board. I dare say we might still be struggling if they did not help my mother.

If you need a team of caring professionals to help you or a family member downsize SST are who you need!                 Scott Kearney


I could not have done it without them...

Because I was overwhelmed by the process of selling my home and downsizing, I employed the services of Serene Senior Transitions. They were amazing. Patience, expertise and experience brought about positive results. Their support and business acumen made my transition a successful life change. I could not have done it without them.        M.H.


They Eliminated the Stress of Moving...

I had the pleasure of working with Serene Senior Transitions on two separate occasions. I found them to be extremely helpful, patient and kind as they worked with seniors who needed help decluttering and organizing the contents of their homes for sale. They eliminated the stress of moving and it did not stop there. They helped find the right moving company and oversaw everything on move day. I highly recommend SST for anyone (young or old) who needs help downsizing or simply getting their house in order. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

                   Deb Brkal,  Realtor, Spring Lake, NJ


I Would Use Them Again


To: Anyone struggling with a loved one's home. . .
I was frustrated and trying to move a very elderly relative into assisted living—and he was struggling not to go. . . Once he accepted the move, I had to figure out how to clean and put up for sale the condo he had been living in for the past 25 years. Thankfully, I found Serene Senior Transitions. Once called, they arrived on time and systematically went through the home, took pictures, discussed what I needed done, and by when. I needed the condo emptied and cleaned in less than 30 days.
In our particular case, I also wanted most of the furnishings, clothing and miscellaneous donated to in-need adults, charities, homeless agencies, etc. That was all done by SST.
I live in another state, so once they took charge, I felt great relief, knowing they were taking care of a very big project I could not have handled quickly on my own. Over the next three weeks, they sent periodic clean-out updates, including pictures.
I can heartily endorse SST's work. They do what they say, within the time and budget they commit to, transparently.
If you need help packing, cleaning, and disbursing of household items when a relative is moving (or has moved on), I can recommend Serene Senior Transitions. I would use them again if I ever have need.
                                               Lonnie Gronek